Frequently Asked Questions

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How much is domestic shipping?

If you live in the Contental United States or Hawaii or Alaska you will never pay more for an order than $4. Small order, 4 bucks, large order 4 bucks. Cool Huh?

How about International shipping?

International shipping is calculated based on weight of the items in the order. Most small orders will ship USPS First Class Mail International starting at about $14 USD, medium orders and orders with bodies will ship USPS First Class Mail International staring at around $24 USD. Orders over 4 Pounds in weight and high dollar orders will ship USPS Priority Mail International starting at around $45 USD.

I live locally, can I pick my order up at your store?

Sorry no. We do not have a store front, just a warehouse full of parts. We think it is cool but warehouse life is not for everyone.

Will your 1/6 scale toy parts fit my son or daughter?

No. Our 1/6 scale parts will not fit you or your family or your pet. They will however fit your child's 1/6 scale action figures or toy dolls and if that figure or doll has a pet, it should fit that.